4 Man-A-Side

A Wonga Tradition

 A fantastic annual event where current, former and invitational players come to the club and enjoy the great social aspect of the WPCC! 

2016/2017 4 Man-A-Side

Sunday 19th February 2017, get your nominations in!

2015/2016 Winners

Sunny, Pants, Warrick and  Mr Contarino




The moment WPCC players and supporters have been waiting for! The 4 Man a Side Day! The opportunity to get your name on ‘The Shield’!

Let’s see what teams we have assembled for Sunday and find out who everyone is up against in the 1st Round.

Let’s get things rolling with the reigning, defending, undisputed WPCC 4 Man a Side Champions – Barker’s Bruisers!

A phenomenal display last year which saw them claim the title as the underdogs, though this year the hunter has become the hunted! Dean Letson will provide powerful left hand batting and left-arm tweakers, whilst Captain Barker will entertain the crowd with his heavy hitting as well as providing expert advice to any young fella who doesn’t bat like Mark Waugh. Dan Chamberlain was voted MVP for the Bruiser’s last campaign and with both the Leg-Spin and Medium pace option proves very valuable. He’s older brother Nick was disappointing last time out, despite being named best clubman, he’ll have to offer far more value on field if they want to defend their title.


Up first for the Bruiser’s a much anticipated Grand Final re-match with – The Mumbai Indians

Mumbai was gutted to fall short of victory last season and has made wholesale changes. He’s recruited new WPCC Captain/Coach Sunny which is sure to be a huge signing. Steve Davis is somewhat of a surprise, though is said to have shown form in the Legend’s over 50’s. A 4th player is yet to be named, whether this is tactics from the Indians or they’ve spent all their salary cap space attracting Sunny we’re not sure.

The remaining 1st Round matches are as follows.

Coutta’s Royal Challengers Vs. GAP (Grip & Rip)

Three Coutts in one side is sure to provide entertainment with the bat, throw Kane Sloan into the mix and we have ourselves a title challenger. The only significant shortage in the side is with the ball, Coutta’s aren’t known for their work in this department, they’ll just be hoping to make enough runs with the bat.


In stark contrast GAP are a team full of bowlers, mainly spin. Mick Letson and Lochie Dickson will try and deceive the batsmen with turn and bounce whilst Chooka will face a late fitness test with a bruised shin, though if picked will look to beat them in the air. Matt “Powerball” Milne, perhaps the wildcard in this team, has pace and aggression with the ball and will look to take early scalps. Perhaps short in the batting department?


Contarino’s Chargers Vs. Rohan’s Renegades

Again an eagerly anticipated contest between two experienced 4 Man a Side teams. Contarino will lead from the front as the main stay with the bat, whilst Ballagh, Ballingal and Swaine will all be aggressive at the crease. Rohan Allport will nudge them round, leaving the hitting to the likes of Greg Knee and Jeff Murphy. Jack Knee could prove to be pivotal with the ball. The winner of this game could go deep into the competition, the loser…deep into some cans.

Benny’s Blues Vs. The Father & Son

Fantastic to see two young Under 14 kids Jackson Colledge and Matt Phillips, pair up with their fathers, John Colledge and Rod Phillips. It wouldn’t surprise many if these young fellas have to carry their old men throughout the day! Benny’s Blues have an even team with Disco providing the hard hitting and Marty Reece bowling a nagging length hard to get away. Short of one player, Benny’s Blues much like Essendon FC will be dipping into the playing pool to find a top-up player to finalise their 4.

Ford Fire Vs. The Butcher Special

The two Ford brothers (Jacko & Jacko’s brother) will pair up with Shane Jeeves and Garry Harwood. We all know Ford’s can bat, but whilst they like to think they can bowl the bowling is going to be left to Jeevesy and Gaz to hold off The Butcher Special. Lead my young Butch (Snags) they have both heavy hitting in Jake Purtle and economical bowling, in Ash Parker and Reilly Britton who both like to take the pace right off the ball. Either of these two sides are capable of winning the competition on their day!

Kear Krusaders Vs. Hancock Hurricanes

The Hancock Hurricanes have a talented line-up of all rounders. Tom Hancock, Michael Williamson both bowl and bat well whilst Nick Schleuter is a gun in the field and knows how to handle the bat. Jack Roddis a new player to the club is said send them down with pace and could prove hard to handle. Lead by multiple time winner Euegene Kear the Krusaders will look to star import Chris Parker to shine with the bat whilst Dylan Mathews and Travis Kear must do a job with the ball against the hard hitting Hurricanes.

Schleuter Sixers Vs. Wigney Warriors

John Schleuter leads the young and the old with Daniel Schleuter teaming up with Gary and Jimmy Lusk. Hard to know what to expect from this side, capable of anything on any day. The Wigney Warriors may prove a hard team to top for the Sixers, two Wigney’s (who we know will be out to win) a district 1st XI Premiership player in Matt Fotia and Liam Hubbard is an ominous side. Their will be pace on the ball from Fotia, but could this prove to be a downfall?


Dunky Dreamers Vs. McKinney Magic

Dunky Dreamers have put together a strong line-up with the Boss, Dallas Roberts and Rochie making up a strong foursome. Dunky will look to dominate with both bat and ball and if he comes off will take this team a long way. Perhaps short in the bowling stocks. They come up against McKinney Magic who have one of the most talented bowling line-ups in the completion. Mckinney x 2, Sam Meadows and the hard-hitting Darren Hauley, this team is capable of going deep.

Tournament Odds

Barker’s Bruisers                              $3.50

Coutta’s Royal Challengers          $5.00

Wigney Warriors                              $5.00

Contarino’s Chargers                      $8.00

2014/2015 Winners

20142015 Winners

 4 Man A Side (2013-2014)

For the first time in 12 years we had our famous 4 man a side competition back at Wonga. Most involved this time hadn’t played in previous competitions so fair to say a lot were unsure what was involved and how the day was going to pan out.

Firstly well done to the players invloved for putting their hand up to play. We easily filled 16 teams. Congrats also to the players for being there on time, and volunteering to field and umpire when their team wasn’t playing at the time. These little things are really important to ensure the day is a success – and it certainly was success ! The cricket was great and everyone getting into spirit.

4 man a side – finals scores (and the winner is ……..)

So after we abandoned on the Sunday due to fires in Warrandyte, we resumed the 4 man a side comp on Tues 25th Feb with the Quarter finals.  We managed to get three out of the four matches played on the bottom ground while training was going on so thanks to Paul and Wayne for working training around 4 man a side.  On Thurs 27th we finished the comp with the remaining Quarter Final, both Semi’s and the Grand Final.  Training had finished by the time the GF started so with fading light, and ‘packed stands’ the 8 remaining players certainly put on a show!

Quarter   Final Results

Semi   Final

Grand   Final

Team 4  (27 runs)Lochy DicksonJacko FordTodd MurtaghBen Slight


Team 1 (26 runs)Ash ParkerZac ParkerTrevor FosterShawn Foster

Team   7 (67 runs)


Team   4 (26 runs)

Team   7

Jake   Wigney

Pete   Wigney

Garry   Harwood

Nick   Schlueter


Team   9

Steve Marillier

Paul McDonald

James Kimpton

Oscar J I’Anson

Team 7 (42 runs)Jake WigneyPete WigneyGarry HarwoodNick Schlueter d Team 6 (37 runs)Tony HarveyWill HarveyJason SpurrellLachy Hampton
Team 14 (39 runs)Dillon MathewsGreg MathewsJosh McDonellGreg Ford d Team 16 (34 runs)Marty ReeceJeff MurphySteve ContarinoMick MacLennan

Team   9 (53 runs)


Team   14 (34 runs)

Team 9 (70 runs)Steve MarillierPaul McDonaldJames KimptonOscar J I’Anson d Team 12 (41 runs)Tom HancockCraig MeadowsSam MeadowsNick Johnson


CONGRATULATIONS to Jake, Pete, Gazza and Nick – the winners of the Four Man a Side Competition for Season 2013-14!!!

Well done also to Steve, Paul, Chook and Oscar for making it to the final.

Thanks again to all those who were involved, including Pete Clark and Macca for umpiring.


Mick MacLennan

Round 1 Results

Team 1 (58 runs) Ash Parker , Zac Parker, Trevor Foster and Shawn Foster (39 n.o.) d Team 2 (46 runs) Shane Champion (25 n.o.),  Eden Champion,  Pat Hennesy and  Sam Hennesy

Team 4 (37 runs) Lochy Dickson,  Warrick Dickson and Todd Murtagh d Team 3 (36 runs) Jacko Ford, Nathan Jellett and  Billy Hartley

Team 6 (31 runs) Tony Harvey (24 n.o.),  Will Harvey,  Jason Spurrell (2/3) and  Geoff Lisle d Team 5 (27 runs) Anthony Crowe,   Nathan Crowe,  Shane Jeeves and  Anthony Ur Henry

Team 7 (48 runs) Jake Wigney (20 n.o.), Pete Wigney, Garry Harwood and Nick Schlueter d Team 8 (31 runs) Phil Ballagh, Steve Contarino, Jeff Murphy andHayden McLean

Team 9 (89 runs) Steve Marillier (72 n.o.!!!!!!), Paul McDonald, James Kimpton andOscar J I’Anson d Team 10 (78 runs) Great game Dylan Mathews, Sam Mathews (33 n.o.), Brendan Clark (27 n.o). and Peter Clark

Team 12 (55 runs) Tom Hancock (30 n.o.), Craig Meadows, Sam Meadows and Nick Johnson d Team 11 (30 runs) Greg Purtle, Jake Purtle, Luke Thomas and James Thomas

Team 14 (32 runs) Ben Mathews, Greg Mathews, Josh McDonell and Greg Ford d Team 13 (25 runs) John Taylor,  Ro Allport,  Riley Britton and Rohan Burke

Team 16 (24 runs) Marty Reece,  Jeff Murphy,  Steve Contarino and Mick MacLennan d Team 15 (22 runs) Nigel Murray,  Peter Bail,  Macca Bail and Tony Cooper