Season 2017/2018


Well after a long winter and football season (GO TIGES!!)and preseason of training our cricket season is finally underway. A huge thank you to all our coaches and helpers for the great job they have done to make sure all our teams were ready to go.

Round 1 matches got under way on the weekend with overall great results, on Friday night we had 2 wins and 1 close loss. Our 12.2’s 6/87 def Ringwood 7/72, with Konnor Hubbard 3/9 and Rylan Hale 16 the highlights. Our 12.3’s 2/44 lost to East Ringwood 2/67 with Jay O Donnell 9 no and Charlie Hovey 9 no and 1/4 doing well. Finally on Friday our 12.7’s 2/75 def Warranwood 6/62, Dean Atkinson 9no and Chelsea Lovell 2/11 the standouts.

Then on Saturday morning the 14’s and 16’s began with 3 wins and 1 loss. The 14.2’s 8/89 lost to Norwood 7/98, Tom Glide 21 and Michael Semken 3/13 leading the way, the 14.4’s 8/133 def Kilsyth 5/76 in a great win, Jordan Scott 34 no and Flynn Tulloch 2/4 doing well, in the 16’s the 16.2’s 1/122 thrashed Montrose 9/45 with Matthew Phillips 3/4 and Tom Wyatt 41 no outstanding, finally the 16.3’s 7/121 def Sth Warr/Warr 9/89 Zac Parker 36no and Phil Grimley 2/5 the highlights.

Overall 5 wins out of 7 is a fantastic start to the season and hopefully the success will continue, good luck to our 2 under 10 teams who begin this Friday night along with our under 18 side and to our under 14.5 side who have merged with Norwood and have there first game Saturday morning, good luck everyone and Go Wonga!!

Richard Semken

(Junior Co-Ordinator)


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Junior Off Field Roles

The team managers role entails rostering parents to carry out the various tasks that are required each match, entering the scores to My cricket website and being a point of contact for the team. Roles that need to be carried out each match are scorer, canteen staff, morning tea and ground setup.

The assistant coaches role is help out at training if possible but more importantly be another eye and ear for the coach on game day, assist with the umpiring talking the players off the field if the coach is on the field and be someone to bounce ideas off.

Our club philosophy is to ensure everyone gets a go and improves on their skills though out the season.

Match Result Tips

Full Match Results need to be submitted by no later than 6:00 PM on the Sunday after the match having ensured the score book has balanced  before you leave the game.
Retired (Out) will record the batsman as out and should only be used where the player has retired before the retirement restrictions.
Retired (Not Out) will record the batsman as not out and should be used where a batsman has met the mandatory retirement restriction
First Innings win should be used in all matches except where a team has WON outright. This result type will allocate 8 points to the winning team.
Outright Win should only be used where a team has one outright. Should never be used in a one-day match and will be rarely used. This result type will allocate 12 points to the winning team
If you experience any issues with submitting the results then please contact a member of the committee before contacting the RDCA.


MILO In2Cricket is a great start for young players and helps them learn and understand the game while having fun.

If you have any queries about junior cricket at Wonga Park please do not hesitate to contact Richard Semken,

Details on the <Club Contacts> page.

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