John Schlueter


John S Photo

  • John started with WPCC as a junior in 79/80
  • Has been a player, official, coach, supporter for 24 seasons with a brief stint at Yarra Glen coaching
  • 1st eleven batting award winner 89/90
  • Has played in 10 premierships across juniors, seniors and vets
  • Junior Cricket coach and unofficial mentor to a large number of juniors, in my opinion in the best 5 coaches/people I have come across in coaching and encouraging juniors in any sport for at least the last 5 seasons.
  • Cricket operations manager 2010/2011 & 2011/2012& 2012/2013
  • Selector 2011/2012
  • Credit to himself, his family and WPCC how he contributes to the club and therefore the Wonga Park community and cricket in the RDCA.

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