Dale Goldsmith (Goldy)

Dale Goldsmith

Goldy came to Wonga Park Cricket Club in season 1990/91 as captain/coach of our club. In what was possible the best decision life member Alan Hassan ever made on behalf of the club he was appointed captain/coach and made a instant impact winning the 1990/91 Wilkins Flag and taking the Wonga Park Cricket Club back to Chandler Shield where the club has stayed ever since.

Goldy coached the club for 5 years from 1990-91 to 1994-95 laying the foundation for growth and improvement of our great club over the past 21 years. Goldy was a key driver in the club improving its professionalism on the ground over his 5 year reign as coach. Who can forget the big circle for the entire club at the end of training and 20 catches needing to be taken before training could end. Lights might have been a handy inclusion on the ground some Thursday nights but Goldy was unrelenting in improving the clubs fielding and the 20 catches had to be caught before training ended.

Off the field Goldy has been a constant source of striving to improve the club whether that be through his role of a committee person or Vice President in seasons 1999/00 & 2000/01. Goldy has been a constant sounding board for Supporters, Juniors, Players, Captains, Coaches, Committee members or President’s and his opinion is valued by all at the Wonga Park Cricket Club. Goldy was used as a sounding board/mentor during Geoff Chamberlain’s reign as Senior Coach between 2001 and 2004 and Shawn Everitt’s stint as President in 1999 to 2001. Goldy also spent some 10+ years collecting match balls for the club and ensuring they were there for the captains every Thursday night.

In season 2004/05 Goldy took on the role as Veterans Captain for the Wonga Park Cricket Club and he has performed this role with his usual lofty standards. Under Goldy our Veterans 1st XI side has won 5 out of 6 Premierships and the Veterans have grown from one side in 2004/05 to four sides in 2010/11. Goldy has formed a strong relationship with RDCA Vet Executives including the late Ken Johnson and  Vets RDCA President Daryl Stephens and has for many years Captained the RDCA Vets side in representative sides. With the passing of Ken Johnson, Goldy has stepped onto the RDCA Executive and been made Chairman of Selectors for the RDCA representative sides.

Goldy has also spent many hours summarising the 1990’s for our Centenary book published at our Centenary Ball as well as helping out in later years again on field when there was a last minute player shortage in our senior sides.

Some of Goldy’s achievements include

Off Field

  • Committee Member
  • Vice President 1999/00 & 2000/01
  • Coach 1990/91-1994/95
  • Collecting match day balls for 10+ years
  • Contribution to Centenary Book – Summary of 1990’s
  • Thursday night Card Legend

On Field

  • Captain 1st XI 1990/91-1994/95
  •  157 Senior Games
  • Captain Veterans XI 2004/05 – 2011/12
  • 50+ Veteran Games
  • Les Knee Player of the Year 1998/99 & 2003/04
  • 3 Senior Premierships
  • 7 Veteran Premierships
  • 8 Century’s
  • 2 Club Record Partnerships

Dale Goldsmith has been an absolute sensation for the Wonga Park Cricket Club and it was a fitting reward for him to be awarded Life Membership of the Wonga Park Cricket Club in the Centenary Season of 2010/11 his 21st for the club.


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