Ben Barley Award

To be nominated for the award an individual must have minimum of four years outstanding off field service with the year nominated particularly exceptional .

The Committee will call for nominations in Mid February , with nominations to the Committee before the last home and away game of the season .

‘Anyone can nominate anyone’ .

Nominations must be in writing giving a detailed account of why the nominated individual should be considered for the Award

Ben Barley Award

Season Ben Barley Award
2015/2016  Trevor Foster
2014/2015  Paul Doevelaar
2013/2014 Bev Meadows
2012/2013 Peter Clark
2011/2012 Peter Wigney
2010/2011 Craig Meadows
2009/2010 Dallas Roberts
2008/2009 Geoff Chamberlain
2007/2008 Greg Matthews
2006/2007 Murray Johnson
2005/2006 Mark Lunghusen
2004/2005 Greg Ford
2003/2004 Ross Bickford
2002/2003 Garry Harwood
2001/2002 Geoff Chamberlain
2000/2001 Mick MacLennan
1999/2000 Shawn Everitt
1998/1999 Joan Synnott
1997/1998 Darren Walton
1996/1997 Wayne Hartley
1995/1996 Alan Hassan
1994/1995 Neil McKenzie
1993/1994 Alan Laird
1992/1993 John Irvine
1991/1992 Jim McKee
1990/1991 Neville Synnott
1989/1990 Colin McLean
1988/1989 John Howse

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